Let the Maelstrom Begin!

I’ve never been one to partake in gym activities. It’s certainly off-putting if you’re first starting out because you’re not in the same shape as the rest of the people there which can isolate you and make you stand out which can be nerve racking. It also smells fairly unpleasant in there. It certainly makes one wonder why so many people are ok with the idea of being a room that smells like B.O. 100% of the time. There’s something refreshing about the idea of being outside too. If I want to walk or run, I can do it outside and change my scenery as the workout unfolds. I can turn and go down this side street, which I’ve never been down before and see what’s going on there.


But I’m turning a corner, not literally as in the last example, but figuratively. My animus towards gyms began melting when I arrived in Corvallis, OR on the campus of OSU and saw their gym that students can use. I was impressed that they made working out more than a chore. The building is powered by the students, literally. The energy from students running on the treadmills, as well as other machines, is used to power the building. I was impressed with their desire to make it more environmentally friendly. Between that and national gym chains adding things like ‘douche alarms’’ – an alarm when people slam weights down instead of properly putting them back – gyms are becoming a place that is easier for someone like myself to go inside.


Not to mention that the benefits of indoor life have become more apparent than ever to me. With it being mid-April, the rise of cottonwood season in Oregon is about to begin. I’ve always had allergies but it wasn’t until moving from the Bay Area to Oregon in 2012 that I learned about cottonwood: a vile rag that exists solely to try and kill me. Plus just a few weeks ago I made a visit to the dermatologist and had several things removed from my face. They were described as ‘pre-cancerous’ but after that it makes sense to spend less time in the sun. Can’t get sunburned indoors!


As far as the workout goes, I can honestly say that the experience is truly humbling. Forcing your body to do something is a great way to find out what its limitations are. Forcing myself to run for 25:00 was a shock to the system has opened my eyes about that but also what the possibilities are! As I mentioned last time, my goal is to eventually conquer the workout that Becky Lynch posted! 100 burpees plus roughly 1.25 miles divided into stages. If that wasn’t enough of a goal to start with, she added that she can do the entire workout in 18:55. Well after a solid 25:00 on the treadmill, I can run 1.25 miles in 23:06. Not a world record pace, but most likely a personal best. And a number that I can work with as it gives me inspiration to try and beat that number the next time out. Not sure about the rest of her workout though!


SONG OF THE DAY:  “Ratamahatta” by Sepultura

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