Diet Hard

I was excited to start this blog if for no other reason than I can keep track of my progress and get the many thoughts out of my head. Running on a treadmill really just gives someone a long time to think. I was pleasantly surprised that the domain .live was available for this because I found it profound for a few reasons. One of the goals of doing all this was to live a healthier lifestyle. Since I’ve started doing this, I do find myself feeling more alive. While the workouts hurt, there’s a renewed energy and spirit I’ve found that wasn’t there prior to this. And lucking into a domain that reflects this was a happy accident.


While I continue to enjoy the running, I’ve been looking around for ways to increase my exercise time. I’ve found several apps that allow for increased workouts that can be done in the home. One app in particular is about building up strength and stamina in order to do more push-ups, sit-ups, etc. I always assumed it was a matter of simply doing a few more the next time you did them but I’m trying to stay open minded and not second guess things since I’ve been doing this a handful of days. Regardless, the app seems fairly good in that it’s given me more of an excuse to be more active. I still can’t do a pull-up but I can at least do small reps of push—ups, sit-ups and squats with relative ease. Now it’s just a matter of building up and doing more of each.


One of the most important aspects of this exercise regimen is trying to find ways to complement the fitness with better nutrition. As someone who has lived off delicious foods like pizza, wings and soda, this is most likely going to be even harder than working out. Working out simply replaced sitting and watching TV so that wasn’t a major shock to the system. But trying to replace foods that my body is acclimated to and enjoys with healthier but relatively unknown foods is going to be a challenge. I know from 30+ years of eating that there are fruits and vegetables I won’t have any problems having more of and I know that there are many that I’m going to struggle with. Tomatoes seem like an easy food to get on board with but I’ve always been put off by its texture. There’s something untrustworthy about a tomato.


About five years ago I made a New Year’s resolution to eat more broccoli than the previous year. Now that wasn’t much of a resolution because I had 0 pieces of broccoli the year before so I really only had to eat one. After trying it I found that I enjoyed it. Despite its unnatural green color (is there anything good that’s green? Four leaf clovers? But even they’re not edible.) I’ve found it’s something I can eat more of. On the other hand, Brussel sprouts are an abomination and should be treated as such at all times.


I just tried cucumbers the other day and found they’re pretty good! If I can keep adding more healthy foods to the diet while removing the ones that aren’t good I think I have a fighting chance of dropping a few pounds and making the exercise count for even more.




Small gains and improvements coming all the time!


SONG OF THE DAY: “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Megadeth (cover version)

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