Weighing in is the Hardest Part

DAY 6 – Sunday the 15th


Before leaving the hotel to return home, I managed to weigh myself on the scale at the gym. I don’t own a scale (working on it!) and have only a handful of times weighed myself over the last few years. The weight has risen slowly but consistently over time and I’ve been firmly around 195 for several years. I always told myself that if I ever got to 200 or higher I’d do something about it but that seemed foolish to wait for things to get worse before improving things. And yet there I was at 190.6! A bad temperature to have but an ok weight given where I’ve been. I can’t be truly sure how much weight I lost since I didn’t weigh myself at the beginning but it’s a sign that things are going in the right direction.


Part of the weight loss is exercise and part of it is making better choices when it comes to eating. When I arrived back from the memorial, I had been driving for several hours and wanted to eat something. Normally I would have gone and got regular fast food or even just ordered a pizza. Instead I went to Subway and got as healthy a sandwich as I could find and for the first time ever, without a soda. Now I know what you’re thinking: Subway isn’t that healthy. But it’s healthier than what I would have eaten and the fact that I’m willing to take these steps is what will make this transition easier. I’m not expecting overnight results either in body changes or my lifestyle. It’s unfortunately going to be a slow, long term process where I continually make better and better choices.


Because of the long drive, I was unable to go to the apartment gym at my regular time and went much later in the evening. It’s certainly a more interesting group of people that venture in there. While there was only one other person working out, there were a stream of people coming in and out to use the hot tub and a handful of takers for the sauna. Despite living here for over 2 years I haven’t used either of these facilities – of course, I hadn’t use the gym either until recently. Seeing a stream of people running through the gym in bathing suits trying to not attract attention was hilarious. The path of wet footprints on the way out was equally bizarre.


The running on the treadmill continues to be difficult, especially after overdoing it the day before. The goal for today was to get things back to normal and slow the pace down, try to hit more consistent times to what I’ve done before. I’ve also started adding a turn on the elliptical machine into the workout to both increase time and expend some calories while I’m in there. It remains difficult, not particularly fun but also very rewarding so hopefully we can keep this going! Best of luck to everyone struggling with this as well!



Definitely slowed down from the previous day but it was for the best. I felt much better and more comfortable by taking it slower. I’ll hit better times eventually but need to trust the process. Even more so than the Philadelphia Sixers did.


SONG OF THE DAY: “Worth the Wait” by Grave

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