One Week of Exercise: The True Infinity Gauntlet

My god it’s been an entire week! I never thought I would have made it this far. There were several days where I didn’t feel like going but really forced myself to buckle down and keep going because I know that if I quit there won’t be another time that I do this. It’s this or nothing. It’s the same motivation that kept me on track through college. Going back to school in my 30s was difficult and I had to keep reminding myself to stick it out because it’s unlikely I’d be this motivated again. And while that was difficult I got my degree last year so it totally worked. And it’s only been a week with this but the results are already starting to show: My gut is slowly melting away, which is a pleasant development. Several more months of this and I can be one of those guys who walks around without a t-shirt! Wait, that’s not great for anyone.


But what’s important at this point is trying to really come to terms with what my goals are. Working out for a week has been a great start but having defined goals is the kind of thing I need to keep on track. So just what are those goals?


  1. Improving cardio

This is a bit nebulous. But in August, I’ll be starting grad school in Utah. The elevation in Salt Lake City is quite treacherous compared to where I’m at now (the beautiful low lying lands of Central Oregon) so I’ll need improved cardio to be able to walk around in Utah without suffering from discomfort. A short visit to Utah showed how far away from that I really am.


  1. Losing 26 pounds

This is a bit more direct. I weighed roughly 195 when this started and based on my height my ideal body weight is in the 139-169 area. So losing 26 pounds would put me at the higher end of that range. I’m already down about 4-5 pounds so the progress has already started. If I can keep it up, the goal could be extended to get the weight down closer to the middle of that range, down in the 154 range. It’s a good goal to have for the second wave of this operation.

This goal will be achieved through working out more and more as well as eating healthier and healthier. I’ve now gone 7 days without a soda, was a nightmare at first due to the headaches I had the first few days. But now I’m doing much better with it and embracing drinking more water and a slightly healthier lifestyle. Over the next few months, incorporating a better diet will be crucial to achieving this goal.


  1. Gain upper body strength.

This one runs a bit at odds with the last one. In trying to lose weight, it’s hard to try to gain mass in the arm region but it’s something that needs to be done. Just to get these arms a little bit bigger. Not looking for the 24 inch pythons of Hulk Hogan but something more attainable.


  1. Find a way to complete the Becky Lynch Workout.

This one is the longest of long term goals but one that was part of the impetus to get this whole workout operation going in the first place.




Becky Lynch, as seen above, is a legend in her own time. Ridiculously fit and a true inspiration.


This is her workout. Good god, that workout looks gnarly as hell though. The running portion, which comes to a total of about 1.25 miles when converted, is one that I’ve been working on since this started. She can do the entire workout in 18:55, which she thought was slow for her, and yet I can’t even do the running portion in that time. The Burpees remain a mystical and evil force, not dissimilar from the Uruk-hai in Tolkien’s universe. It’s a cruel device that has brought the largest of men down.



This is Bad Luck Fale, a former rugby player turned pro wrestler in Japan. He’s around 6’4, 340 and burpees took him down like he’s nothing. So they’re a bit intimidating to me. But over the next week, I’m hoping to incorporate a few in and see where I stand, or fall based on that picture.


  1. Continually increase workout time

This is something that is currently happening. When I first started a week ago, I limited myself to running on a treadmill because I wasn’t sure what I could handle. I didn’t do great that first day but a lot of that was just getting comfortable. Now that I’m a little more comfortable with my running, I’ve added 30 minutes on an elliptical machine to the daily workout. Between that and doing smaller workout routines that can be held at home, like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc. the workouts are slowly getting a bit more intense and making it more challenging for me. This will be a continual effort to increase time and intensity on the various machines but one that should offer major benefits.


  1. Be happier with myself

This is perhaps the most important and the hardest to quantify. Being happier with myself can’t be pinned down to a certain weight or fitness level. It has to be worked on from within. It’ll be the true test but one that I’m curious to engage in. Even as of right now, I feel better with myself for even trying all of this. Over the last year or two I knew there were things wrong but didn’t take any steps to rectify the problems. Now that I have taken some small steps there are physical and mental benefits that are aiding me and encouraging me to keep going. That in and of itself is a major victory.


Surely, there’ll be more goals in the future. As some of these goals become achieved, new goals will arrive to help push me on farther. But even completing a small portion of these goals will put me in a better place than I was.

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