I Couldn’t Tip the Scales if I Wanted To!

DAY 10 – Thursday the 19th

There are some purchases that one would expect to be difficult: buying a car, buying a house or buying an airline ticket while trying to avoid all the hidden fees. But I never expected buying a scale to be so difficult. I went to Fred Meyer, the Northwest’s version of a Target – a hybrid market/department store that’s designed for one stop shopping. Normally it’s a great place to shop, especially for Home Goods, but I learned that they do not carry scales. In fact, they only carry scales in December, when people are gearing up to prepare for fitness once the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Very frustrating but hard to argue with them not carrying them if their clientele will only purchase them one month of the year. So I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, where they had dozens of scales to pick from. I have no idea I the scale I picked was any good. Based on the price, $20, my guess it might be a touch off but it looks nice and is another part of stepping forward.


Behold the mighty scale as it sits in front of the microwave as all good scales do.



Now that I have to confront myself with a scale on a daily basis, it is incumbent that I’m more upfront with making sure the decisions continue to be made positively. Dropping soda? Good. Replacing it with lemonade? Less good, because it’s helped me kick the habit of relying or wanting a soda but it’s still very sugary, though less sugary than soda, and something that I’ll have to wean off of as well.


In the continuing saga of whether or not the apartment cares about maintaining the gym, the water cooler was re-stocked with cups! But of course, the water was empty and they hadn’t bothered replacing it. It’s a continual struggle with the apartment staff. In some ways it’s an ever evolving mystery with no real insights as to whether or not they’re doing these things on purpose or because they’re simply lazy.



In 9 days I’ve managed to shed multiple minutes off my time while running about 2 tenths of a mile farther. This is great progress, better than I expected! If I can keep this up for more months we could start seeing some really impressive times.


SONG OF THE DAY: “The Grand Scale of Finality” by Lilian Axe

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