Aorta be a Law!

DAY 11 – Friday the 20th

A difficult question that has recently been popping up when I go to the gym is the issue of when and how to expand the workout. Each day’s workout is a little bit different, with increasing speeds on the treadmill, using the different preset workouts on the elliptical and trying out new machines. That’s been beneficial because it never feels the same even if many of the same machines are being used on a daily basis. But part of the workout regimen is to continually expand, in small increments, to help burn more calories while I’m there. Part of the struggle is health-related. I’m weary on pushing the limits due to the fact that I’m not trying to push my heart much farther. Some of the first days of my workouts saw my heart rate spike into the peak zone quite easily. The repeated conditioning has helped ease some of that as my heart rate is now comfortably in the cardio zone during the run on the treadmill.


But given how easily it would be to push it over the limit again I’m a bit trepidacious; at least until I’ve put a few more weeks in where I know that it’ll be better off. The other issue is a minor calf strain that popped up. A lot of that was due to today’s workout where I went harder than usual on the elliptical machine and wound up with some minor calf pain. More stretching is definitely called for in warmups and also in cooling down to help limit these types of issues. One of the big concerns I had when I started was the issue of overtraining so it’s constantly in the back of my mind when I’m increasing the speed on the treadmill or trying new equipment.


A calf at rest. This is what I’m hoping my calf will do soon.


DAY 12 – Saturday the 21st


Let’s just go ahead and catch up a day by doing two of these at once. The calf strain did get a tad worse but thanks to some helpful webpages I’ve found some good calf stretches, even when its already been a bit injured, which have helped ease a lot of the pain. Between that and icing it, the calf strain appears to be under control.


The home workouts have gotten a bit more intense as well. An app I’ve been using, which keeps track of basic workouts like push-ups, sit-ups, dips and squats, has slowly been increasing the number of reps I’ve been doing for the four exercises. We’re close to pushing 100 total reps for all of them. The squats are the most vicious thing ever. The repeated, and seemingly endless, squats continue to push me to my limit. I was worried about doing them with the calf strain but the leg was feeling fairly good afterwards.



The 15:39 is close to being broken under more normal means. The speed on the treadmill has helped drop the time but it feels more natural without pushing it farther than I’m comfortable with.


SONG OF THE DAY: “Heart Attack” by Toxik

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