Pizza Cake!

DAY 13 – Sunday the 22nd


There’s nothing sadder than having to get rid of your old favorites. But just like old toys being let go of after a certain time, so too do most of my old stand-bys have to go away as well. It’s been an entire week without drinking soda which has been a nice change. Though I’ll miss that sweet taste, I enjoy being able to let it go and try to drink healthier beverages. Likewise, something that was an old stand-by, like pizza has also been done away with. Not entirely, but certainly the kind you’d get from Domino’s. A healthier pizza was created here at the apartment using fresh pizza dough, ricotta cheese and healthy toppings like spinach. It did not quite fulfill me the same way that processed pizza does but I’m hoping that these alternatives will allow me to drift away from fast food and more towards eating healthier meals.


But I got to admit, that does look pretty good…..


Day 14 – Monday the 23rd


So close to catching this up to current day. The calf strain that was bothering me really blew up after a nasty pre-set workout on the elliptical machine. It was bothering me so much that I took the day off from going to the gym. It actually felt sad to not go and workout. The respite did wonders though. Between icing the calf, doing light stretches and giving it some rest, the calf felt very, very good at the end of the day. The day before I was limping back from the gym at the apartment complex and was seriously concerned that I had done so much damage to it that I’d have to visit a doctor or take multiple days or even a week off; and now, it’s looking like it’ll be ok. I just need to take it easy and not push it so hard this early. All of this has been eye-opening and I’ve learned a lot in just a few weeks. Just like with school, there’s new lessons popping up every day and in unexpected places. I certainly don’t feel like an expert but I’m certainly happy to keep learning, whether it’s health-related or new workouts.


Side note: The apartment announced that it ripped the drinking fountain in the gym out so they can place parcel lockers in. Not sure how to feel about that. The lack of water is a problem, making it so more people are wandering in just to get packages feels like a problem. It’s already a tiny gym and creating more foot traffic in there seems like a bad idea. But people’s packages will be safer, which is good. And I already bring my own water to the gym so I’ll take a wait-and-see approach to this. Plus I’m moving in three months so I shouldn’t care that much to begin with.



I’m so close to running a healthier version of that sub-16:00 mile. I’m enjoying the daily challenge of increasing the pace slightly. I can feel and see with the help of my FitBit that during my runs I’m sitting a safer heart rate during these runs now. There’s actual conditioning taking place. It helps keep me motivated to see if I can eventually run a sub-12:00 or 10:00 mile. In the span of a few weeks the seconds are flying off so it’s certainly possible.


SONG OF THE DAY: “Pizza Driver” by Acid Drinkers

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