2 Weeks In Makes For 2 Weak Legs

DAY 15 – Tuesday the 24th: Weekly Update on goals


An entire week has gone by since I stated those initial goals so let’s see if I managed to make progress on any of them:


  1. Improving cardio

I think there’s been decent progress towards this goal. Each day I’m running harder and faster and putting in the time to get my run times better. The daily workout is slowly getting me there. The nice thing about this is it’ll pay off immediately when I move to Salt Lake City. Having stronger cardio will allow me to be able to walk around without as much distress.


  1. Losing 26 pounds

We’re definitely making progress on this one. Weighed in at 184.8, so down a little over 10 pounds since this started. It’s going to take a while to reach the full 26 pounds gone but every little bit will help. One of the things I’m working on is being more aware of what I’m ingesting. Cutting out soda was a good first step but I’m now going to have to be more aware of calories and making sure to limit my intake. It’s certainly not as fun as just eating what you want but since this is one of the more likely goals to achieve it has to be dealt with seriously.


  1. Gain upper body strength.

I knew this one would take time. But I’ve added in some weight training and I’m slowly building up reps on the weights. There is the slightest hint that my arms are gaining in strength. While I’m a long way off form where I want to be, and I’ll have to greatly increase the arm workouts to make it happen, it’s a positive step.


  1. Find a way to complete the Becky Lynch Workout.



Damn you Becky Lynch, the Irish angel/devil who concocted such a devilish workout. But one day I’ll find a way to complete this workout (see below). Unfortunately by then, she’ll have concocted something far more sinister than even this!


Enter a caption


Ugh, this workout. So I can proudly say that the running portion of this workout is getting easier and easier every day. But those burpees! Today I was able to do the first set of 10 so initial progress has been made! The 10th burpee might have been a bit suspect but let’s not dwell too much on that. Honestly, that was so difficult I thought I would never stop sweating. I just lay there on the ground trying to suck up some air. It’s going to take some serious effort to complete even the second phase of this workout! That last leg looks too intense to even worry about at this point.


  1. Continually increase workout time

This one has been a mixed bag. The workout time at the gym has stagnated, mostly due to a calf strain that I was trying to keep under control. I didn’t want to push it farther than I felt it should so the workout time at the gym has not increased. However, the app I’ve been using at home has greatly increased workout time there where I’m now doing nightly pushups, situps, squats, etc. Whether it’s more effective to be doing that or more time in the gym on machines remains to be seen.


  1. Be happier with myself

I’m glad this one is going well. Just the idea of consistently getting to the gym, dropping a few pounds, being able to run faster and faster times does have me happier with myself. The results that can be seen so far are all very positive. It makes me think that even better results can be achieved!


  1. Do a pullup

So I’m adding this one in. I’ve never been able to do one and it’s only been just under 37 years so it’s probably time that I can do one. Certainly achieving that would be a great boost to personal morale!


So after a difficult week of working out — new exercises, calf strains, etc. — it’s rewarding to see so much progress being made. I knew it would take a long time but didn’t know it would be such a daily grind. In fact, it’ll most likely get more difficult from here as I try to find new workouts, new ways to improve, new diets, it’s endless. But with these goals in mind it’ll be easy to focus and follow a path towards achieving at least one of these goals.


SONG OF THE DAY: “Seven Days Without You Makes One Weak” by Victory

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