To Chafe or Not to Chafe? Let’s Just Not Chafe

Today was the first day I truly felt like a runner. For the first time since this started, or really in my whole life, I wound up chaffing after running. Not terribly but enough to make second guess what I was doing. Was my stride not effective? Was I doing something wrong on the treadmill? Was I pushing myself too hard? All of these thoughts flowed through my head when I felt that first sting.


At the same time, despite the worrying, it did make me feel more like an athlete. This is the same thing that all runners have to deal with so now I’m part of that elite group of all runners! It was somewhat liberating and exciting to think I’ve evolved up the athletic ladder. Next thing I know I’ll be dealing with shin splints.


Of course this brings up the larger issue of how to avoid chaffing and what I was doing wrong. While I still don’t know what really caused it, or why, there appear to be several things I could have done that would have nipped this in the bud to begin with. Had I known this would happen of course. First things first, would be to wear compression shorts while running and/or working out. These appear to be much better at keeping everything in place and preventing issues like chaffing. And because of their recent popularity they are much better looking than one would imagine. I was certainly impressed and of course I’m now on the hunt locally to try and find some.




They’re so slick!


I’ve also seen items like sprays, similar to Gold Bond, that one can rub on areas that would be effected by chaffing to prevent it from occurring because it reduces friction. This is another useful tool that I’ll need to procure if I’m going to keep running.


Despite the pain, I managed to go out to dinner with friends. The last time I had gone to dinner with this particular friend we wound up at Buffalo Wild Wings. Ordinarily, that’d be great. But now that I’m trying a stricter diet we wound up finding a small farm outside of town that runs a dinner service three nights a week. Instead of wings, fries and beer, we wound up having a much healthier dinner using only homegrown ingredients out there on the farm as well as fresh squeezed lemonade that was worth every penny. This is the kind of place that I love to find because I can eat healthier, fresher meals at slightly higher prices of course, but I leave the restaurant feeling much better about the choice I made. So if you’re ever in Corvallis, Oregon, be sure to drift outside of town and look for Gathering Together Farm. It’s only open for dinner 3 nights a week and reservations are necessary but it’s definitely worth it!



We’re inching ever so close to running that 1.25 mile stretch in 18:55. The Becky Lynch workout will be defeated!


SONG OF THE DAY: “Pain in the World” by Danzig

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