Too Much Water, Water Everywhere?

DAY 18 – Friday the 27th


Perhaps the most terrifying moment in any diet, weight loss or fitness program, is that moment where you have to step onto the scale to find out just how you’re doing. There’s that split-second where the future looks bright. The weight will drop, bells will ring and everything will be going a-ok. And then that split-second ends and you find yourself staring at a number you weren’t prepared for and suddenly instead of bells ringing, alarms are blaring. The entire program is called into question. What will it take to get the scale to read the correct number!


Sometimes it does feel like the scale is more of an arbiter of justice than a measurement of weight.


I had a similar run-in with the scale recently. Every day the scale had been providing me with a steady string of descending numbers. Every time I got on the scale it felt like everything was going perfect. Then the scale said I was at 184.4. Still down from where I started but more of a plateau given that’s where I’ve been for several days. So what’s the problem? Have I hit a plateau? Have I pushed all the water weight out and now I’m going to have to grind even harder to get a pound off? Is the workout no longer enough? Or was the early weight loss simply from abandoning soda and junk food? So many questions, so few answers.


It’s a bit discouraging to see the same number pop up when the progress has been so steady. But it’s also great to see that the numbers aren’t shooting up yet either. The diet I’ve thrown together is holding enough to prevent weight gain which is encouraging. The positive choices are slowly coming together and helping undo 36 years of negative choices.


I know dieting and weight loss can be finicky, I’m learning that first hand right now. There are lots of reasons why weight loss is so difficult and the stress that comes with seeing the numbers go up and down, sometimes seemingly at random, can make things even worse. Just stick it out one day at a time and make that workout a few minutes longer the next time, try to do something to shake things up and see if it can push the scale.


May the scales be ever in your favor!



Those times are diminishing faster than an octatonic scale in jazz piano. This is one of the only things I remember from taking jazz piano lessons 20+ years ago.


SONG OF THE DAY: “Holy Water” by Mercyful Fate

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