The More I Know, The Less I Weigh

The biggest problems come from the most unlikely of places. After getting through a few days of calf strain, it appeared that everything was back on the up-and-up. Yet just a week later I find my knee suffering from not necessarily pain, but from some fatigue. The running and elliptical work has been difficult but by staying within my limits it’s felt like everything has managed to remain fairly even. The only noticeable change has been the app I’ve been using at home.




With the number of reps consistently rising, I recently found myself doing sets of squats that are far more than I’ve ever experienced. Perhaps the sudden rise in squats is what has caused some strain in my left knee and ankle. I noticed some pain in the ankle the other night during the squat sets. One of the biggest problems with the home workout has been that I wind up getting so hot I have to take my shirt and socks off to help cool down. But the removal of the socks seems to leave my ankle with little support for this workout. I then tried the workout again the next day but with the socks on, hoping to see what kind of support it offered, and found it made a major difference. Once again, I find that being comfortable is second rate in comparison to being safe.


The scales did turn in my favor! One day after weighing in at 184.4, I was told by the scale that I’m down to 183.0. A large jump and one that might not be totally accurate. This scale is very sensitive and I’m finding that multiple weigh-ins throughout the day are helpful in order to get a larger picture of where I’m really at. The consistency needed to simply get a correct weight is more than I imagined. But despite the random fluctuations there does appear to be progress being made in the weight loss.



The times continue to fall. The closer we can get to making a real run at the Becky Lynch workout the better!


SONG OF THE DAY: “Weight of the World” by Overkill

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