Eating Healthy at the Happiest Place on Earth

MAY 2nd – MAY 7th

It feels like I’ve been gone forever and yet it was only 5 days in sunny Southern California at Disneyland. Going into the trip I knew it was going to be a tough task to keep up with all the fitness and dietary routines I’ve been trying to put into place. The fitness actually not so much because it’s impossible to go there without walking 8-10+ miles every day in the parks. There’s just so much walking that has to be done!


But with the diet I knew it was going to be difficult. How can one be expected to stay focused when confronted with the amount of churros that Disneyland has to offer? Making things worse, it’s Pixar Fest down there now through Labor Day and each section of the park has their own specialized churro to offer you. It was going to be a difficult week. Or so I thought.


The first day in the park started with me eating a Clif bar in hopes of fueling up enough to make it through to lunchtime. Surprisingly, those little bars do fill you up even if they don’t taste great at 7:30am. But I don’t think anything tastes good that early. As the hours and miles went by I started to get hungry and thankfully found a food cart near the back of the park that was selling fresh fruit! A bag of grapes and a bottle of water later I felt fueled up but not overly gross. This is one of the nicest things about the park: the sheer variety of food options. No matter where you are in the park there’s something for everyone. While there’s plenty of junk to be had there are also lots of healthier options if you’re willing to invest time and look for them.


Lunches throughout the trip consisted of healthy items like salmon with fresh vegetables, salads, roasted chicken, etc. While there are also plenty of traps like churro carts (the strawberry churro was delicious and the only one I had), beignets and ice cream, one just needs to sift through and find the carts where you can get fresh apples or bananas. They’re there, I promise!


Along those lines I drank lots of water. It was incredibly hot so it was necessary to stay hydrated given the amount of walking that was going on. But the water was also good to distract me from drinking other sugary drinks like soda that in the past I would have jumped on when visiting the park. So throughout my stay, I felt that I was eating and drinking fairly healthy. Sure, there were some nights that ended with a large dinner and dessert but it was so easy to walk everything off that it never felt extravagant or perhaps as extravagant as it should have. But if you do visit Downtown Disney and eat cake at the new fancy bowling alley that has opened up there, and you eat the cake, it’s totally worth it. It’s so good I’m contemplating going back as soon as possible to have that cake.


Sure, on Saturday there was a pizza and soda that was had at the hotel pool. Sometimes you just have to take a cheat day and have the meal you’re craving. There’s nothing wrong with that provided you’re willing to keep putting in the work to help counter it.


And when I came back last night, I weighed myself for the first time since leaving and found I was at 181.6! I had actually lost weight after 5 straight days of eating out. That long of a stretch without home-cooked meals or buying fresh food from a supermarket can be overwhelming but thankfully I walked that tight rope and came out ok.

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