Worrying About Nothing

MAY 8th

One of the things that I continually worry about when getting down to the gym is whether or not someone will be on the machine I need first. I start with the treadmill before moving on and using the elliptical machine. And yet there was someone on the treadmill! For the first time in nearly a month, my routine was going to have to be modified solely to accommodate someone else.



It shouldn’t be a big deal to have to modestly adapt my workout routine but it felt like a massive deal. I started wondering whether or not I’d be able to use the treadmill at all. One of the things I’m still working on is just relaxing. Not just at the gym but in general. Managing to ignore small details that are trivial and unimportant is something I’m working on just as hard as improving my cardio. And this was a perfect test. And yet I still don’t think I passed.


While I did great on the elliptical machine – which wasn’t a massive surprise given that I was much fresher than I normally am when I use the machine – I couldn’t help but keep an eye in the mirror on the treadmill and wonder if/when that person would finish. Would I still be stuck on the machine, only to have another person swoop in and take the treadmill while finishing my workout? These are beyond first-world problems, they’re not even problems. They’re bizarre scenarios concocted in the inner reachings of my mind that are designed for no purpose other than to make my day more complicated. By cutting out that worrying I could not only focus on working out but making my life more palatable in general.


And that person did finish on the treadmill and I was able to run my usual length of time. While I was a bit more tired at the finish of the run than I ordinarily would have been, it didn’t affect me in any meaningful way. I was still able to keep a solid pace going and keep running without having to quit. Maybe it would be good to alternate which machine I use first just to keep things fresh. Perhaps I’ll have to look into that.



One of the toughest issues over the last week, while visiting Disneyland, was forcing myself to go down to the hotel gym and keep up the running. While there was one day I was just unable to get down there (I was in the park until midnight and the hotel gym closed at 10pm), for the most part I was able to get there and get a quick workout in. I mostly limited it to just the treadmill and nothing else (mostly because I was already walking 8-10 miles a day so I counted that as my elliptical workout) but found it quite rewarding. The times continue to drop and it’ll be quite amazing to see a sub-14:00 mile considering I started with a 20:00+ mile.

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